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Tax season has officially started, this year has been much different from the prior year, taxpayers are starting to see an increase on his/her return due to the raised child tax credit that has be given. However, even if the CTC has increased did you know that inflation is now in affect? Which means you may see prices higher than usual. When a person notice a price higher than usual monies received will generally increase to match the cost. In addition, more money has already been printed and has doubled, which has put people in a place to meet price gauges or will in the near future. The price of an average product or service rendered which a consumer usually purchase, may notice that the sale has became higher, when this happens inflation has been the cause, however, there's no need to panic just remember everything along with wages are being adjusted to meet these new sale increases, on the other hand, that's politics for another time and another day. Lets take a look at this filing season refund dates, if you have already filed on or before Jan 31st the first date to receive a refund for direct deposit is February 11 2022, paper checks will be mailed February 18, 2022, The next payout after will be February 18, 2022, paper checks will be mailed February 25, 2022. We will keep you posted on the IRS payouts periodically.

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