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How To Get The Best Possible Tax Return & Client Check List

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Tax Prep Block has a new location! Every taxpayer wants the best tax return ever right? How can any tax professional prepare your tax return without all the requested documentation? Its imperative that you collect the necessary documentation even if your tax documents are electronically sent to your email. You will want your tax return to be prepared as accurately as possible. The IRS knows what should and should not be on a tax return, however, missing important forms can cause a delay in your refund, with the possibility of receiving a lesser refund amount, a higher balance due (tax liability), and/ or miss out on important tax credits and deductions. To get the best possible tax return, bring every document that relates to you. It will be well worth it on your end no boost is necessary when tax preparation is done the correct way. To get the best possible Tax Return Click Here to view the 2023 checklist

We Are Excited To Announce that Tax Prep Block has a New Location!!! To Take A Tour Check Out The video Below.

Take a sneak peak of our new office space (watch video) and don't forget to schedule your appointment and/or enjoy filing your tax return from the comfort of your own home.

We hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays, with the new location comes with changes starting Jan 2nd you can apply for a $7,000.00 loan, ASK US HOW? On the other hand, find above the client checklist to be sure that you are ready and prepared for your next appointment. Schedule your 2023 Tax Appointment below.

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